L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe

Since the Penfield F/W 2011 lookbook went live I have received countless emails inquiring about the vintage Bean Boots I styled our lovely female model in for the shoot. I inherited the pair from my incredibly generous mother who had owned them since the 80’s. Up to now my best advice had been to score ebay for a similar pair. But thanks to my good friend James of 10engines who alerted me of this pair that L.L. Bean just announced, the 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe. It’s a part of a whole slew of good things coming from Bean for their 100th anniversary so stay tuned for more good stuff in the coming months. This style is very similar to the pair I have, so I highly recommend snagging these if you have been searching for your own unicorn pair of Bean boots. And don’t ever toss them! Hold on to them because trust me, your daughters and their daughters will be grateful to inherit them down the road. (Below is a picture of my pair in the snow).



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6 responses to “L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe

  1. Just found my mom’s vintage pair in the closet over X-mas! They age so well.

  2. Joy

    It’s crazy to think that different generations could inherit shoes in this age of cheap fast production. It’s too bad they released it AFTER I got myself a new pair for this winter.

  3. Bob

    I have a pair of my dad’s Maine Hunting Shoes amongst my bean boot army and the leather quality makes their current “base model” leather look like pleather! Nice to see them offering a respectable quality leather again.

  4. I’m a TX girl looking to invest in a pair of these classic lovelies. Planning to wear them in CO for a ski trip and wondering just how warm they are? LOVE the 12in. but they don’t come with Thinsulate or Gore-Tex. Would love your thoughts, because your snowy picture makes me want them even more!


    • Have a pair of the 100th anniversary boots. I don’t think they have them in Gore-Tex, but L.L. Bean does make a shearling type liner for the bottom of their boots.


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