This past summer the lovely ladies at the angela adams showroom in Portland (a regular stop for me) introduced me to The ROPES jewelry. They had a few of the bracelets in the showroom and I was immediately drawn to the colors and how they embodied so much of the Maine coast in such a symbol design, and without being trendy or overtly preppy. The designer, Shana Aldrich, is a Mainer born and bred and makes her jewelry collection out of marine tope and hardware pieces. Aldrich graduated from RISD and began a career as an apparel designer in NYC and Boston before returning back to her home state. Spending time back home on the water with her young son inspired her to start designing The ROPES pieces. The results are jewelry with the perfect balance of contemporary pieces and traditional with a twist. I picked up a navy bracelet with pink and blaze orange at the aa showroom. I wore it every day during the summer and received countless compliments on it. I’m looking forward to warmer weather when my wrist will reappear from bulky sweaters and I’ll be able to flaunt it once more.

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