Summer Style: Catherine Holly

Elizabeth Taylor tanned and gorgeous as Catherine Holly in Suddenly, Last Summer pretty much sums up what summer beauty should be. Although the movie is far from beachy fun, it’s a great one to gather summer style inspiration from. I am obsessed with the stunning green dress she wears in the film and it’s become my mission to find one similar to it* with the fitted bodice and A-line skirt. It’s very reminiscent of Louis Vuitton’s Fall and Winter 2010 collection.  Her accessories are minimal with simple silver bangles and hoops, no fuss hair or wrapped with a light scarf, and a glowing complexion. She’s an absolute knockout. You also have to give to Elizabeth credit for proving that a one-piece can be as (or more) sexy than a bikini.

*Help me find a dress similar to this one by leaving suggestions with links in the comments. Thank you!



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4 responses to “Summer Style: Catherine Holly

  1. chrissy's dad


  2. My dad’s so smart! 🙂

  3. chrissy's dad

    yes indeed. Say we do not have an anthropologie store near here. I was thinking of getting Jane the Revisited Impressionist Dress #24853541, for Mother’s Day. But thought that if you are near an Anthropology Shop you could drop by and check it out first. I beleive you are both the same size P4.

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