Summer Style: Karen Blixen

Out of Africa is one of my all time favorite movies. The scenery, the story, and the characters make for a compelling film (also check out the book, great read). Meryl Streep is amazing as Dutch baroness Karen Blixen. Her wardrobe is one of my favorites from cinema. When Karen first arrives in Kenya, her wardrobe is incredibly formal and feminine. But once she starts to feel at home on her farm, she adopts a more practical tomboy style of safari shirts, linen hunting jackets, wide brimmed straw hats, and breezy white blouses. I love every bit of it.



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4 responses to “Summer Style: Karen Blixen

  1. Gwenn

    I thought I was the only one who continues to find this movie stylistically inspirational!

  2. joy

    she looks amazing

  3. Anon

    Small correction: the writer’s name is Karen Blixen, not Blixon.

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