Happy Mother’s Day

My mum is loving, caring, and selfless. All the things that a mother should be. But she’s also incredibly intelligent, beautiful, free spirited, and ambitious. My mum is a parent educator, guidance counselor, and psychologist, so as a kid I would often tell the other kids that my mum had to be the most perfect mum because she was telling their mothers how to be better mums. Although it was the naive thought of a child,  to this day I believe it. She was the most patient mother a child could wish for, despite our silly little antics. She always inspired me to be the best person I can be. To love people to the fullest.  To belief in my strengths, and be thoughtful of my weaknesses. To believe in my hopes and ambitions. But most importantly, she always told me that I was deserving of love – of the greatest love. Something not enough self-doubting young girls hear enough of in this generation. This is a small tribute to the greatest mum in the world, happy mother’s day Linda!



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3 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Chalice

    Love you, Babydoll!

  2. Linda

    “Love you Babydoll” was actually from mummy !

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