Summer Style: Cecile

Jean Seberg is undoubtedly a style icon. Photos of her will always hold a prominent place in style inspiration boards. As Cecile in Bounjour Tristesse, Seberg is a young girl who has the luxury of living in the French Riviera with her wealthy playboy father. She sports a very chic short hair cut, tiny shorts, colorful linens, and loose chambray shirts (nonchalantly knotted at the waist). Her wardrobe is a lovely reflection of the stunning landscape that surrounds her with rich blues, tangerines, lush greens, and vibrant reds.  Cecile leads a very undisciplined life with her father until an old flame of his returns (played by the always sophisticated Deborah Kerr). Cecile panics that she will lose the free and easy going lifestyle she and her father had made for themselves. The film is a beautiful cinematic journey of that gorgeous part of the world, but ends quite sadly – the rakish father and his spiteful daughter drive the moral girlfriend to suicide.


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