Summer Style: Dita

Sophia Loren is a knockout in every one of her films, but I love her pared down beauty in the Western film Land of the Lost. As Dita, the local lady of pleasure in Timbuktu, her wardrobe is filled with feminine and flattering dresses but are still airy and appropriate for the tropical climate. She becomes attracted to the spiritual nature of a visiting explorer and follows him and his American guide (played by John Wayne) into the Sahara desert in search of hidden treasure. Even after her dresses get soiled by the cruel desert, she still looks stunning. Accompanied with incredible ethnic jewelry of silver necklaces, ivory bangles, and gold hoop earrings, Dita the epitome of style for those hot summer days – in the desert or by the ocean.


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  1. The Flânerie Society

    Westerns always make me fall asleep but I wanna give this one a try–the clothes look terrific!

    Enjoying your series of films and I’ll have you know you inspired me to watch Out of Africa and I have Fried Green Tomatoes ready for tonight’s viewing!

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