Keds at Opening Ceremony

I’m really in love with the Keds at Opening Ceremony Collection. It reminds me of my closet when I was a kid. A few T’s that were inherited from the older brother worn with swingy girly skirts, and some button front shirts for church and school. Add a shot of sophistication and you’ve got Ked’s premier apparel collection (more suitable for adult wear) exclusively available at Opening Ceremony. Above are a few of my favorite pieces.



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2 responses to “Keds at Opening Ceremony

  1. Cute, but what does it have to do with Keds? Just goes to show that it really doesn’t matter what the other brand is as long as it has “x Opening Ceremony” after it! And they all look similar. Sweet none the less.

    • It’s Keds first apparel collection for men and women that is being offered exclusively at OC. I do agree with you, OC does instill a good dose of their personal style into all collaborations – which can be a good and/or bad thing.

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