Chive Presents: S.O.S.

Enjoy a sustainable bite this Sunday, courtesy of the talented ladies of Chive and their Sustainable Sunday Supper series. All proceeds from their S.O.S. (Supper on the Sea) go towards the inspiring non-profit Change is Simple. Tickets go on sale tomorrow and are available until Thursday.


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2 responses to “Chive Presents: S.O.S.

  1. Wow- thank you so much for sharing with your community and followers…aka lovers of all things craft and artisan! Will we see you on Sunday? Oyster, craft cocktails and Chive’s seafood offerings all under a hand-sewn Sperry tent… oh and an 8 piece reggae band… 🙂
    Julia & the Women of CHIVE

  2. My pleasure Julia and the gang! Going to try and sort out my schedule so I can make it up (may have to be on call for work, sniff). Crossing my fingers!!!

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