N’East Illustrated Recipes: PB & P

I’m really excited to introduce a new series here on N’East Style – N’East Illustrated Recipes. I’ve been asking some good friends and fellow New Englanders for their favorite recipes. Not only did I love the idea of collecting some delicious recipes and sharing them with you, the stories behind them are great. So along with each recipe, you’ll get to read why the recipe reminds the contributor of home and the grand North East. Jeff Thrope of Cold Splinters was the first to send me his recipe (and rather eagerly I might add). It’s not your average dish, but it’s definitely one I plan on whipping together next time I hit the trails while home in Vermont. Click on the following link to download and/or print the recipe <PB&P Recipe.



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2 responses to “N’East Illustrated Recipes: PB & P

  1. Wore Out

    What a great series and this was the perfect dish to start out with. I love making peanut noodles at home, so having this easy peasy version is perfect for the fall hikes we’re planning. Maybe we’ll see you on Vermont’s long trail or atop Mt. Hunger soon.

  2. Very cool! Similar approach to food memory and illustrations happening in Portland as well: http://recipesbyheart.tumblr.com


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