The Kamp Kit

Remember that canvas case (known to big kids as a Dopp Kit) that your mum would stuff into your rucksack or duffel before you were shipped off to Summer Camp? The small case that housed all your summer survival kit – bandaids, floss, toothpaste and toothbrush, pocket knife, poison ivy wash, etc. Well, Max Wastler of All Plaidout and Buckshot Sonny’s and Tanya and Roy of Winter Session collaborated and reproduced this nostalgic relic of our youth. The Kamp Kit is made of heavyweight cotton canvas and a vintage Talon brass zipper that will survive all the grown up journeys you’ll tag it along for. Click here to see the making of this gem.



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2 responses to “The Kamp Kit

  1. All that’s missing from this kit is some Ursa Major face wash, shave cream and balm 🙂

  2. chris

    Imagine pulling that out at camp. You would get laughed all the way home..

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