Autumn Fair Look For The Lady

The Autumn Fair Look is back this year and just in time for the Peru Fair. When I was a kid I would frequent this fair with family and friends as the small town of Peru is a neighboring town to my home of Manchester. I’ve always admired the town’s beauty and authenticity. It boasts countless artisans and crafters, numerous yummy food providers, and of course, loads of pork! For the past few years, early autumn has been quite warm vs. the chilly septembers of our youth. So bring a layer or two, but most likely you’ll be more than toasty come midday with a full belly and the sun baking down on you. Up next, a look for the Misters.

Alice Park Grayscale Tote, Cobra Rock South Highland Boots, Imogene +Willie Imogene Rigid Jean, David Neale Fool Pendant, Toast UK Thea Stripe Tunic, The Hill-Side Selvedge Guatemalan Scarf



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2 responses to “Autumn Fair Look For The Lady

  1. Wore Out

    This is such a chic look for a variety of fall events, including fairs. I am really liking the structure of that striped tunic with those classic boots.

  2. EmilyD

    Super cute! Digging those boots.

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