An Autumn Day With Kaufmann Mercantile

Use this Chimex Coffeemaker to brew some clutch coffee first thing. Take out on the porch and breath in the crisp morning air.

Pack some leftover venison stew in this Enamelware Container for your road trip out to the country.

Go apple picking at your local farm and pack the Market & Fruit Picking Basket with fresh apples to bake with later.

Keep a Stonewashed Paisley Handkerchief handy. The cold air tends to make the nose run.

Fill this Wentworth Pewter Flask with some whiskey to spike that homemade apple cider as the sun sets in the afternoon.

Take an apple out to the Handmade Carved Oak Rope Swing and ease into the evening while watching the sunset with a snack.

Set out a plate of Brooklyn Brine Co. Pickles for friends. Pickled foods have been proven to strengthen your immune system and ward off colds.

Strap on the Stronghold Hickory Stripe Apron and get to cooking a feast of pork loins sauteed with slices of the freshly picked apples for friends and family.

Eat. Drink. Go to bed.

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