Topo Designs Fleece Jacket

The much anticipated Topo Designs Fleece Jacket is now available! I got to see and touch and love them at this past weekend’s American Field event her in Boston so I can personally attest to their quality and amazing hues. The only downside to this new offer from Topo is picking just one colorway. Good luck with that.



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3 responses to “Topo Designs Fleece Jacket

  1. James

    Maybe I misread the above, but according to Topo’s website, the fleece has more than one colorway – available in turquoise, red, and grey. I am hoping they even come out with more…

  2. That is correct! Which is why I said good luck picking ONE of the colorways in my post 😉

  3. James

    The beauty of your blog and its content left me awry of reading sentences correctly. I apologize for my (mis)correction. On a lighter note, a Topo fleece order has officially been placed. 🙂

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