Freedom & Unity

photo-14 The sledding hill behind the Fox home
photo-10 Max, James, and Joe
photo-15 Max preparing Hot Toddies for the crew with Basil Hayden Bourbon at SoLo
photo-11 Horse drawn sleigh ride in Landgrove
photo-13 Spirits to keep the blood warm during the sleigh ride
photo-12 Scrapple brought all the way from DE by the Gannons
photo-9 Breakfast of venison sausage and strong coffee
photo-8 James and my Jeezum Crow sticker found at Powderjet

James Fox organized a weekend rendezvous for several good friends of ours this past month up in Southern Vermont. We decided to aptly name the weekend Freedom & Unity, which we hope will become a recurring event. Guests included Max Wastler and his girlfriend Jess Herman, Joe Gannon his wife Brie and their adorable son and daughter, James Fox his wife Mindy and their two equally adorable sons, and yours truly. The crew stayed at James’ family home in Peru, VT with his father and stepmum (who are dear friends of my own parents). It was a weekend full of winter fun, delicious meals, fine spirits, and long conversations with good friends. James also coordinated for us to meet and chat with several local artisans including SoLo Farm & Table Restaurant, Rupert Rising Breads, and Powderjet Snowboards. I’ll be chatting about the latter in separate posts but here are a few photos from the weekend.



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8 responses to “Freedom & Unity

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  2. This was an all-star fashion and blogging weekend! Great names, and looked like great fun.
    We look forward to spend some time out East in the coming months, especially on the coast of Maine.

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  4. Dorset Mug by the insanely talented Janno Gay of Flower Brook Pottery, Dorset…go visit her next time and see her stunning illustrations and gorgeous pottery

  5. More evidence that our neck of the woods(a saying which needs an illustration by the way) is quietly the coolest zone of Vermont. Jed’s bread, as my folks call it makes for the best egg sandwiches known to man because of the thickness of the pan au levain. Hope I can make it next year as a junior member or something haha.

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  7. Hannah

    As a Vermont native, I loved coming across this post on your website! I grew up in the Burlington area, but have lots of family and fond memories in the Peru area! Keep up the amazing East Coast love!

  8. Wow, looks like an amazing weekend! And a great sledding hill. I just found a type of wooden snowboard that are perfect for hills like that – it is smaller and doesn’t require you to lock yourself to the board. They’re basically a snow skate with a temporary binding. What do you think? PowderJets are also very cool – love handmade wooden boards!

    – James

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