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My good friend Brad Bennett introduced me to the new menswear shop Lyonstate in Fairhope, AL. Founded by Alabama native Reba Lyons Cunningham in 2012, the store opened its doors with a well edited selection of brands and a stunning interior. They carry some of my favorites including The Hill-Side, Archival Clothing, Billy Reid, and Unis in their brick and mortar and online shops. Cunningham’s background as a U.S. wholesale manager at A.P.C. in New York City gave her the knowledge and expertise of the industry that she possesses.  While her upbringing in the deep south greatly influences her aesthetic choices for the store. Alabama is a place with deeply rooted traditions that still exist today. Occasions that often require a costume de rigueur. That and a solid appreciation for good quality staples that can withstand everyday wear. The result is a well curated shop of excellent menswear. Cunningham’s inherent style is obvious in her recent Q&A with Tomboy Style’s Lizzie Garret Mettler.



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