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Teva my sweet child, you are welcomed back into my life with open arms. As outdoorsy kids growing up in Maine during the 1980s-90s, we had Teva sandals securely Velcro-d onto our feet practically every day. Whether on an adventure into the ocean, lake, or up the tree house in the backyard, Tevas were our go-to. I was thrilled when I caught wind of the limited edition collection that, “celebrates the spirit of Teva’s outdoor heritage, perfect for a day on Idaho’s Salmon River yet equally at home on the streets of New York, Tokyo or London.” The collection is now available and will be through the summer at a select group of retailers as well as So grab a pair and strap on a bit of that adventurous Teva spirit you remember so fondly. And while you’re on the Teva reminiscing track, head over to All Plaidout to Max’s witty recollection of his own experience with the brand, and check out the sweet pictures above my buddies Mikael Kennedy and Jeff Thrope did.



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4 responses to “Teva

  1. I remember my older sister and brother, who were glam rocker metal heads, used to wear teva’s and play hackey sack around their high school.

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  3. christine's dad

    I think we still have some of your original Tevas at the cottage in Maine

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