Portland General Store





A few weeks back, the folks of Portland General Store generously sent me a box chock-a-block full of their grooming goods. My fiance and I have been using them since and I can confidently say that their product line really rocks.  A little backstory on the brand if you have yet to be familiar with them, PGS is based in Portland, ME and all their products are all-natural and free of chemical additives. The development of the products began when co-founder Lisa started experimenting with some vintage soap and fragrance recipes. Her exploration of bath salts and creams led to PGS’ current lineup of products including Alpine shave jelly,  Face Bomb deep cleansing mud, and Maine cologne. The scent of the products are refreshing and true to their home state (without the aid of artificial fragrance oils). We’ve been testing each sample they sent us and are confident in attesting to the quality of each one (and to the enhanced quality of your skin). Whether you are a female or male shopper, the majority of the products are certainly unisex. I would highly recommend grabbing their limited edition cigar box kit which includes samples sizes of some of their best sellers. It’s a great way to feel out the product, and get hooked.


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