Bobo’s Mountain Sugar


There’s a bit of crispness in the air this week and its getting me thinking towards fall and all it’s glorious smells and flavors. For a Vermonter, maple syrup obviously tops the list. Friend James Fox introduced me to one of his oldest friends Skye Chalmers this past winter when we made our way home to VT for our first annual Freedom & Unity trip. Skye and his wife Tina have started their own maple syrup operation Bobo’s Mountain Sugar in Weston, VT. James Fox did a great post about how the production runs. And of course, the quality of their syrup is best described in their own words: “We boil down the springtime sap from 2500 maple trees living on our hillside in Weston, Vermont. It is the unique blend of soils, climate, and terrain on Bobo’s Mountain that makes our syrup taste so good. When the temperatures soar, and the trees flush golden and then finally green, we raise a plate of pancakes and toast them for a job well done.”


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