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Fall is fast approaching and it’s getting me in the mood to return to my homestate. Being from Southern Vermont, I don’t always have the excuse to trek it North. But this fall we’re hoping to drive farther upstate (after visiting family of course) so I was looking into some neat places to stay. One hotel that stuck out was Burlington’s brand new Hotel Vermont. It perfectly balances the line between Vermont rusticity and modern minimalism. The floors are poured concrete made from stones from Lake Champlain (which is right outside the hotel’s door), the walls feature local oak, each room has a Johnson Woolen Mills wool blanket, and the bathrooms are stocked with local Lunaroma products. Other features include bikes from local shop Old Spokes Home, a full-service yoga room, farm to table dining at their restaurants Juniper and Hen of the Wood, Vermont-distilled liquers at the bar, and art by Vermonter Duncan Johnson. Officially getting the calendar out and renting the car.



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5 responses to “Hotel Vermont

  1. matty

    just stayed there last month, such a delightful spot, Juniper Bar is awesome and soon Hen of the Woods will be there too…

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  4. MPR

    This is a great spot and because we were traveling with an uncooperative 5 month old we got to spend a lot of time enjoying the hotel. The food was delicious, the drinks were strong and when we were able to get out with the babe it was a short walk to the Burlington waterfront in one direction and Church St. in the other.

  5. Reblogged this on hotelvt and commented:
    Thanks for looking us up N’East Style. Let us know when you make it up here – we’re worth the trip!

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