New Hampshire Gift Guide

Some gifts from the white mountains of New Hampshire below as part of the New England Gift Guide. Special thanks to the folks at Tamworth Lyceum for guiding me to some of these special brands!


If you like New Hampshire, you’re probably a fan of hiking and all the good stuff. Why not invest in a pair of Limmer hiking boots. Originally Peter Limmer & Sons, a family of shoe makers in Germany, the brand was relocated to the states when Peter Limmer moved his family from the alps to Jamaica Plains, MA where he taught his sons the craft. The family then moved up to N.H. where they continue to make boots that are custom fitted to their customers’ feet.

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Who can say no to a delectable bar of chocolate that is also beautiful to look at? Portsmouth based Byrne & Carlson has been making artisanal chocolate since 1999, creating all their confections by hand with the methods of old school seaside candy shops and European chocolate houses. It’s confectionery at its finest.


Pair that bar of chocolate with some Smuttynose Winter Ale. One of my favorite holiday brews, this one is a nice full-bodied amber beer reminiscent of a Belgium Abbey Double. Founded in 1994 in Portsmouth by the folks who started Northampton and Portsmouth breweries, the brand was named after the Smuttynose Islands which dot along the coastline of N.H. and M.E.


Those perfect little tins of Badger Balm products make the best stocking stuffers. This time of year my favorite is the Badger Balm for dry and chapped hands. Located in Gilsum, Badger Balm was founded in 1995 as a family business. The first balms were made in the kitchen. The original makers are still the folks running the company, ensuring the quality and environmental responsibility of the brand.


A snowy evening by the fire begs for a good bottle of mead. Saphouse Meads, located in Center Ossipee, is a small producer of hand-crafted meads (honey wines). They utilize local farms and markets for their ingredients, including the N.H. maple syrup they use in most of their meads. All their meads pay homage to the bees that provide, their local community, and the traditional methods of making delicious mead.


If you’re giving to a brown liquor drinker, Whiskey Disks is the perfect gift to pair with that fine bottle. Whiskey Disks was founded in Chocorua in 2010 by a father and son who are both esteemed stonemasons as well. Out of a love for their craft, and a single malt Scotch, the company was born. After years of experimenting, they discovered the perfect combination of thermal mass and shape. After a few hours in the freezer, Whiskey Disks keep your drink at an ideal 50F. Each one is still made by hand, each showing unique grain or color.


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