Connecticut Gift Guide

I’ll confess, this state has been the trickiest. I really have no idea what is actually made in Connecticut that would make a great gift. I could use my readers’ help with this one. Please comment with ideas! For the rest of the New England Gift Guide, head this way.


It’s likely that by now, your dad has caught on to the selvage denim rage. So he’ll probably be stoked when you present him with a selvage apron made by Hartford Denim Company this holiday. Hartford (obviously located in its namesake) was founded be a few years ago when friends Luke, Marshall, and Dave were determined to make quality denim that will last a lifetime. The rivets are set by hand, they use the most durable material they can get their hands on, the pockets are lined, and the leather tab at the back waistband of their jeans is in the shape of their state. Can’t beat that.


Thanks to Meg C.’s tip below, we now have two items on the CT gift guide. Leather Man Ltd. in Essex has been making high-quality handmade belts since 1967. This cotton webbing tab and buckle style was made exclusively for my buddies over at Hickorees. I’m a fan of this bright cobalt one. They also make a lovely leather hook pick style, which is unfortunately out of stock on the web.

Picture 3

I’ve had my eye on a lovely Ghurka bag or pouch for months now. This pouch in viridian green suede is on sale for $98, a great price point for a last minute present. Ghurka has been making high quality bags in Norwalk since 1975. The company understands the importance of keeping manufacturing in the USA, and employ 40 skilled artisans, designers, production staff, and marketing and sales specialists at their factory where they hand-make, and number, each of their beautiful bags.



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4 responses to “Connecticut Gift Guide

  1. Meg C.

    Leather Man Ltd. hook pick belts are pretty great. Made in Essex, CT

  2. The Brothers Crisp and Hartford Denim Company, shoe maker and handmade denim respectively. Both in Hartford I believe.

  3. Cait

    Wiffle balls, Pez, Dickinson’s Witch Hazel, Frances Palmer pottery, Paloma’s nest pottery and wood,

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