East Dane

Picture 6

There’s little not to like about Shopbop’s recently launched menswear counterpart East Dane. They’ve accomplished the perfect balance of curating a great selection of brands and providing unpretentious guidance on how to wear them. What they’ve really mastered is catering to a variety of male shoppers. From the urban dresser in 3.1 Philip Lim and Public School to the outdoorsman in Apolis and Topo, East Dane has something for every guy. Below are my picks for a well-rounded spring wardrobe:

Picture 1
Shipley & Halmos Waxed Cotton Jacket

Picture 7
Billy Reid Walland Dusty Plaid Sport Shirt

Picture 2
Topo Designs Klettersack Bag

Picture 3
Baldwin Denim Reed Duck Canvas Pant

Picture 8

Quoddy Kennebec Chukkas

Personally, I’m quite proud of friend Jonathan Evans, East Dane’s fashion director! Don’t forget to stop by The Style Guide for some of his picks along with some lookbook enhanced style tips.


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