Women of Northern Grade: Kristina Angelozzi


Kristina Angelozzi founded Fischer in 2010 from her home base in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Kristina utilizes traditional durable fabrics and pairs them with her unique modern design and sensibility. Both her women’s and men’s collections are entirely made in the USA, making Fischer a perfect fit for the Northern Grade pop-up shop. After the McMillans enlisted Kristina and Fisher to join the ranks at the upcoming NG, they proceeded to collaborate on a special edition shirt for the occasion. Kristina shares with us her design process, what it’s like to be a women in the menswear world, and what she’s most looking forward to at this month’s NG.

Q. Is this your first Northern Grade?
A. It is! I’ve always been a huge fan of theirs, so I’m totally thrilled to participate.

Q. What sparked the Fischer x Norther Grade collaboration?
A. A few month ago, Katherine and I met up at my studio and she asked if I was interested to participate at the upcoming show (duh) and if I would also want to do a special piece for it.


Q. How did you go about designing the collaboration with the McMillans? What were the inspirations?
A. We looked through some past seasons samples, and I got a good idea of what do that they liked- the rustic fabrics and sharp tailored shirts. I’ve been really into challenging myself in the menswear dept, so the end result was a natural progression of where I was going. It’s been a total honor working with them- they’ve got so much going on that’s way over my head and yet they’re completely down to earth.


Q. You have a men’s and women’s collection for Fischer, but the collection as a whole is very cohesive and gender neutral in a lot of ways. How does gender come into your design process?
A. Mostly through the fit, and there’s a natural evolution that’s happened over the past few years. When I started, the female product was a lot more feminine, but I wasn’t really wearing it. So I started making more and more of the styles I wanted to wear, which is a bit more tomboyish and it seems to be clicking. The mens started a bit more conservative, but as I get my sea legs- I’ve been slowly stepping out a bit.

Q. Northern Grade is a menswear pop-up. What’s it like being a female maker in the menswear world?
A. It’s really not a big thing, I guess the only real downside is I can’t wear the mens stuff myself and show em how it fits and all. But I throw a lot of clothes at my guy friends and ask a zillion questions- and they’re very good with critical feedback. Men know what they want in their clothes, and how it should fit. It’s nice to have that challenge.


Q. Is your own personal style inspired by menswear?
A. More and more every day. But I do love me some heels.

Q. What are you most looking forward to at this coming NG?
A. Mostly, meeting the people behind the other brands, and the people coming out to support it all. There’s a real community vibe at events like these, and it’s nice to work with such passionate and talented folks.


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