Prospector Co.

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As evidenced by what I write here on the blog, I don’t have the girliest of taste. I tend to be attracted to unisex clothing, accessories, etc. and I noticed as I got older that that taste extended to my bathroom arsenal as well. Heady floral scents knock me sideways. Stereotypical product design just doesn’t appeal. So I stopped buying the intensely fragranced shampoos, cleansers, and moisturizers that were so obviously marketed for women. Instead I began reaching for my husband’s bar of soap, shaving cream, shampoo, etc.  that had that woodsy musk I was craving. Needless to say, I was thrilled when the folks of Prospector Co. sent me a package of their grooming goods. Based in Savannah, GA, Prospector Co. makes each of their grooming products by hand with only naturally-derived, quality ingredients and free of additives, coloring, fragrances. Their branding is consistent throughout their collection and are barely distinguishable between men’s and women’s, one of the many things about the brand that I appreciate. Instead of being overly concerned with feminine versus masculine products, each piece is made with special consideration for sensitive skin needs and feature the same ingredients that I love (lavender, tea tree, wormwood, castile, to name a few). I’d like to be able to share my favorites, but I really found myself loving each product equally. Although, for the women out there, I would highly recommend the leg shave products. The kit includes steps commonly created for men’s face shaving needs. From pre-shave to after-shave, they’ve got you covered.

Not to be overlooked is Prospector Co.’s brick and mortar shop. Not only do they carry their own grooming products in the beautifully designed space, they also carry a perfectly edited selection of home goods and accessories like Morris Kitchen syrup to German wooden toys.





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