Rebecca Mir Grady + Special Discount






Chicago-based jeweler Rebecca Mir Grady makes the most elegant jewelry. An avid supporter of environmentally sustainable practices (she’s a member of Ethical Metalsmiths), each piece is made by hand with reclaimed metals and ethically-sources stones. Her designs are not only inspired by the ethical materials she uses, but also by her upbringing. Born in Alaska, Rebecca grew up in coastal Maine where she spent her time either at the beach or on the water in her dad’s boat. You can see the coastal influence in the fine metals of her jewelry. Some are smoothed to soft perfection or are subtly carved – much like the variety of rocks that wash up on the coast of Maine. Rebecca took her first jewelry making class in high school and was hooked. From there she got apprenticeships with several jewelry designers and went on to earn her BFA in sculpture and ceramics from SAIC and an MFA in visual arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago. After working for a handmade jewelry company for six years, Rebecca decided to launch her own jewelry line this past fall.

I have admired her jewelry for some time so I’m thrilled to have been able to connect with her and do a post on her Fall 2014 collection “Drift” which will be available at her online shop on September 20th. Rebecca was also kind enough to offer a special discount to N’East Style readers. From today till September 27th, you can receive a 20% discount off any order with the code NEAST20. Happy shopping!




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