Mr Porter’s Eight Autumn Drives


The standard for men’s style and culture, Mr. Porter gathered a list of the world’s eight best autumn drives. Needless to say, Vermont received a well-earned mention and Mr. Porter is most eloquent in it’s reasoning why a drive through Mad River Valley really is one of the best drives in autumn. Of course, it helps if you’re driving maybe a British coupe like a Jaguar or MG.

“This is New England boiled down to its rosy-cheeked, Yankee quintessence. The roads are lined with farm stands selling apples by the peck and cider by the gallon. The white, clapboard homes and churches set off the abundance of turning leaves. Your chances of driving fast will be stymied by Volvos and Subarus going at a National Public Radio pace. But at least this will give you the chance to wonder if you haven’t dropped into a Mr John Irving novel. Stop at Warren’s lavishly eclectic Pitcher Inn for reassurance that beneath the prim conformity of the surface, the madness of the Mad River Valley is for real.” – Mr. Porter


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