Unis Women’s Varsity

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I’ve been a fan of Unis for years and it hasn’t bothered me the slightest to be ordering the menswear pieces for myself. Honestly, I’ve never found a better fitting T! All the same, I was thrilled when founder and designer Eunice Lee recently announced the release of a women’s version of the Varsity Jacket. Outerwear is a really tricky item to accomplish a universal fit. Despite loving the overall shape of a men’s coat, the sleeves are always too long for me. Eunice saw the problem and fixed it for her female fans by offering the same jacket, but with shortened sleeves. Eunice was kind enough to chat with me about seeing a need for a women’s jacket at Unis and why she digs her female shoppers.

Q. The men’s Varsity Jacket has quite the following, what was the inspiration behind adding it to your the Unis collection of staples?

A. I wanted one that fit me. I didn’t want to redesign anything. I wanted
the jacket to look like I was wearing my boyfriend’s jacket. So I just
shortened the sleeves 2″. It works out great for shorter guys too.

Q. When did you discover a need to offer a slightly altered version of the best seller for women?

A. It just felt natural. I did a small test the first year, but wanted to expand to colors other than black this season. Plus, I thought my Unis guy would totally buy this jacket for his girlfriend.


Q. A lot of brands make the overall shape of their pieces for women very different from that for men, like add curves and make it more form fitting. Why was it important to you to keep the overall shape of the Varsity Jacket the same for the women’s style?

A. I love menswear. I love the look of women who wear men’s clothes. I think it’s sexier than wearing a womenswear VERSION of a boyfriend fit. In most cases it never translates well.

Q. Who is the woman you expect to see wearing your Varsity Jacket?

A. My stores get really cool girls who shop with their guy friends, boyfriends and husbands – chicks that see menswear the way I see it.




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