The amazing women of Zady have created a movement we should all be getting behind – I don’t mean to sound bossy, but this one is a no-brainer. #KnowYourSource is an initiative to induct a new standard where apparel brands label all goods sold in the U.S. with a “Sourced In” tag. This tag will disclose the country of origin of the entire product supply chain, thus providing more transparency and ownership of where our goods are being made. In a culture of mass-consumption, it’s about time we became more conscious of this process and where our money is going. Here are a few sobering facts about why this movement matters (shared from Zady):

-The world consumes 400% percent more clothing than 20 years ago.
Cancer, asthma and neurological problems associated with chemicals used in apparel manufacturing are on the rise.
-The textile industry is responsible for 20% of the world’s total industrial water pollution.
-The supply chain of apparel products has many touch points and happens in many different countries – the current requirement to label products with “made in” will not do.

Please join the “Sourced In” Movement to help encourage brands to become more sustainable, ethical, and economical in their production – from the farm to the factory. Sign the petition! It really makes a difference.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.12.36 PM

Zady’s .01 The Sweater, the first in their Essential Collection, is proof of how a brand can successfully produce a sustainable product that is cost friendly and stylish. The sweater is fully sourced and made in the U.S. and meets the highest environmental standards used in production. Head to their sight to read and watch the whole process which they’ve documented.





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