Jud’s Journal: Vermont

Yankee Magazine’s editor-in-chief Jud Hale says, “there’s a lot you could say about Vermont” . . . and he’s right. But what he captures here in his journal entry for the Green Mountain State (he did one for each state of New England for Yankee Magazine’s 75th anniversary) is right on point.



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2 responses to “Jud’s Journal: Vermont

  1. Phoebe McKay

    Chrissy I just came across a thank you note that Ted wrote a few years ago? He had given me your blog address so I thought I’d check it out and wow I found out that you now live in Burlington and that you. Both have new jobs! Very exciting ! Glad to see Huckberry on your blog.Also I lived inDublin NH for a few years and Jud Hale was a neighbor. I was the art teacher at The Dublin School. PM

  2. Severe Tire Damage

    What can mostly be said about Vermont is the co-opting of the independent, self-sufficient ethos that pervaded the state by out-of-state interests that have permanently altered and marred it’s once independent status.

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