There’s this stereotype that real style doesn’t exist in the North East.  Maybe it’s because of the severe seasons or the humble attitudes of its residents that spurns the assumption that there isn’t an outfit beyond a flannel and Carhartts. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Carhartts (and my flannels)! But it’s suffice to say, style does exist in this amazing region of the country. Style here is a marriage between form and function. Durability and quality take the cake over the newest trend. This blog is my way of celebrating the brands and skilled artisans that value craftsmanship and create consciously made products.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions or contact me at neaststyle@gmail.com. Tell me why you believe there is style in the N’East!



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  1. Hello my name is Kevin Fogle and I am a Fashion Designer located in Atlanta! Chris Nunn told me a lot about you. I am very impressed with your site! I would like to communicate more with you on things!

    Please check out my site and email me back and Let me know what you think.

    Kevin Fogle

  2. can’t wait for the ditty bag!

  3. Karyn

    Hey Christine!

    Hope you are well. I’m loving your blog, as always. I just wanted to send along a link to a friend of mine’s new line of menswear that launches in the next few months. Hope you enjoy!



  4. Hi Christine,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I wanted to forward you a link to my friend’s company but I wasn’t sure of the appropriate way to do that. Didn’t want to assume that I could just post it here.

  5. Exceptional blog – great style! Love the ditty Bag…keep going!

  6. Dear Christine,
    Your pen & ink drawings are fantastic! I’m a rug designer, and I love to see beautiful work! I’ll be at the Portland Art Museum on Friday, Aug. 5 for their evening art sale event (5-8 PM). I’ll be showing and selling crewel-work pillows and rugs based on Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar’s designs, some rugs based on Gee’s Bend Quilt designs, and felt pillows & ottomans featuring my own children’s designs. Please stop by and say hi.

    Barbara Barran
    Classic Rug Collection, Inc.

  7. d

    I’m also from north east, but in Europe from the Baltic country of Lithuania.:)

    I’m a big fan of your tumblr & only today found about the blog. It is sooo good!

    In the context of super tons of blogs & tumblrs this one is really execptional. It is hard to image where you pick all this this very unique, historic material, but it is superb visually & conceptually.

    I had decided yp leave all the blogs that I’ve followed and left only TOP3 for me: N’EAST STYLE + THE DITTY BAG, thisisnthappiness & Nickel Cobalt:)

    Thank you, Big ups & support from far “north east”.

  8. Hello Christine,

    Excellent blog. Wanted to let you know that blue jeans are being made right in your own backyard if you would like to offer the critique on the brand.

    Great Thanks,

    Christopher j. Brown

  9. Christine this is one of my best finds on the Internet. As a born and raised Mainer who recently moved to Seattle, I am missing East Coast life so much and your blog is helping me cope with my withdrawal .
    Thank you,
    P.S. Are there any other ways to follow you online? Such as Twitter?

  10. Christine,

    Love your idea for the blog. I work at Shoppe Pioneer, a new lifestyle and fashion boutique in Providence, RI. Please check out the site and our facebook “like” page, we are new and looking for some shout outs in relevant blogs!


  11. Christine, I’ve been secretly coming here for a while now. I’m also from New England so I’m loving everything that you’re doing. I’m definetly going to share some of the stuff from the Penfield post. I just wanted to drop a line to say hello and to keep up the good work!


  12. Hi Christine – There is definitely a N.E. style for NESurfers. It all begins with the beanie: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1913159082/nesurf-beanies

  13. Brian Ballard

    Hi Christine, my name is Brian Ballard and I came across your drawing of the fisher cat and I was wondering if I would be able to use that image for the logo for my softball team. It would be an honor for us to use this great drawing and I was just contacting you to receive your permission to put it on the front of our t-shirts. If you could get back to me as soon as possible it would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

  14. Christine,
    Groovy blogging. Big fan. Check out Naadam Cashmere. Recently launched social impact men’s fashion brand started by Connecticut dude (me). Shoot me a note, let’s chat!

  15. lilsuzygrnbrg

    I love your blog. I’m going to MV this weekend and a few weeks back when I was there, I kept thinking about your blog and how many great posts you’d write about the Vineyard. Cheers!

  16. Hi Christine,

    We’re a men’s premium boxer company based out of Weston, Connecticut – Charlie Dog Boxer Company (www.charliedog.com). I definitely think there’s some great menswear companies in the Northeast . If you’d be interested in checking out some of our extra-long staple Peruvian pima cotton boxers let me know and I can send some along to you. The finest menswear shops in the country, including many in the Northeast, are carrying our line.

    Joan Wharton
    President, Charlie Dog Boxer Company

  17. Jon

    Hi Christine!

    I really like your blog here, I’m a huge fan! 🙂

    My name is Jon & I would like to introduce an opportunity to connect better with brands. I’m the founder of an Icelandic company called Ghost Lamp.

    Ghost Lamp is an online platform that connects brands and bloggers for sponsorship opportunities, I would be so happy if you would register and create your profile. By doing that you make yourself visible to major brands that, through Ghost Lamp, can request you to participate in their marketing campaigns!

    Sponsored posts is our first automated campaign option but more are coming soon. We’re developing Ghost Lamp so that bloggers can set their own rates and more. Your feedback is important because it helps us make the service better for you.

    It would be awesome if you sign up and if you have any ideas my ears are wide open 😀

    You can register with the link here below:


    Thank you so much, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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