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Shelburne Farms with Ibex


Today was the first 30+ degree day we’ve had in a while here in Burlington, VT. So, needless to say, we were determined to take advantage of every bit of warmth and sunshine we could. After a quick pancake breakfast at home (Sunday ritual), we loaded our snowshoes in the car and headed to Shelburne Farms.


DSCN3959 DSCN3964

With full sun and no wind chill, all we needed were our Ibex base and midlayers. It felt great to have the mobility of just our Merino layers without the extra bulk of shells, snowpants, etc. Ibex’s wool is super soft and lightweight so they work really well for outdoor activities. My skin is very sensitive so I’m particularly picky with the fabrics I wear close to my skin. I’ve stuck with Ibex because my skin has never reacted to it unlike some synthetic materials or other wool products.

DSCN3942 DSCN3939

We spent almost 3 hours wandering around the farm, going further and further into the property. This time of year is breathtaking in Vermont. It really is like a winter wonderland. You can’t help but pause every few paces to take in the rolling hills and tree lines of the farm. Teddy, being a landscape architect, couldn’t get enough of the Frederick Olmstead-designed grounds.





I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that my Ibex layers have saved me this winter. The Woolies 150 base layers are incredible under jeans and sweaters during the week, especially if you have a walk to work. On the weekends, when we’re outside snowshoeing or skiing, we layer them under our Ibex midlayers and then add appropriate shells for wind protection. In these photos I’m wearing the Izzi Tavern Pant, Woolies 150 Crew, and Pez Metro Jacket from Ibex. My boots are Danner Mountain Light II. Teddy is wearing the Shak Jersey (in last year’s color), Straightaway Crew, and Woolies 150 Bottoms (under his Carhartts) from Ibex.


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Ibex: The Art of Wool

No other brand really gets me pumped for winter like Ibex does. Makes sense considering their headquarters are in the winter wonderland state of VT. I’ve worn their wool layers for years while snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding (attempting to at least), sledding, snowmobiling, and just rolling around in that great white stuff we call snow. The fact that I wear my Ibex winter after winter is a testament to the brand’s quality and comfort. If you’re still unsure, let this video they put together inspire you to jump into your own Woolies, and hit the snow.

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Ibex 2014 Winter Warmer


I’ve attended this event for the past few years and it’s a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit. Plus I can never have enough Ibex gear . . . or Flatbread pizza 😉

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Suited for Snow

I knew we’d be getting another decent snow fall in Boston some time soon. And here it is. Of course it will likely be washed away by the rain that’s predicted for the rest of this week so I recommend taking advantage of it. Suit up and play in the snow! Here’s a look for the ladies of New England who want to go sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or make snow angels all day. If you’re a guy, be sure to check out James Fox’s site 10 engines. He puts together some great outerwear kits, like this one for a blacked-out snowboarding look.

Carhartt Kids’ Overalls, Sessions Siryn 4 in 1 Jacket, L.L. Bean Shearling Lined 10″ Boots, Ramblers Way Henley and Long Johns, Ibex NZM Mittens,

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