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Brookes Boswell SS 2015







Friend Brookes Boswell continues to impress with season of her beautifully crafted hats. The Spring and Summer 2015 collection might even be my favorite. My favorites are the Boro with a leather draw string and the Benning with the adorable LHN arrow pin.


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Mutual friend Liza Corsillo introduced me to Lily Hetzler and her brand Nativen. A distinguished women’s workwear brand, Nativen is American based and made and is passionate about creating products that women will not only love living with but love working in as well. Their “Keep Growing” bandana is a perfect example of their commitment to beautiful quality made pieces. Made out of 100% American grown and made organic cotton and crafted in NYC, the bandana features illustrations by Brooklyn-based illustrator Lisel Jane Ashlock. Each one is hand dyed with all natural plant-based dyes by the ladies of BLUEREDYELLOW and then hand screen printed with natural inks. Individually numbering each one ensures its authenticity. I’m tempted to get one and frame it, it’s so beautiful!

RedBandana1A RedBandana5

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Aurora Shoe Co.



I’m a girl who loves a shoe with some arch support. And I’m not ashamed of it. That’s why I’ve been wearing clogs and Birkenstocks my whole life, despite the shamers I encountered (whose laughing now?). I recently came across Aurora Shoe Co., a family owned brand out of upstate New York. They’ve been hand crafting quality footwear since 1990. Each shoe is made with American made materials, like Horween leather and Vibram soles, and handcrafted in house. Their process ensures that their footwear are beyond comfortable, supportive, and durable. And if you’re not sure of your size, you can trace your foot and send them the measurements. They may not be the trendiest styles, but they are consistent, clean, and simple – which is exactly what I like. I’m in love with the New Mexican, the ultimate summer sandal.



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