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Shinola’s #LoveMyCity


The fine folks at Shinola asked me to contribute to their #LoveMyCity campaign and I leaped at the chance to express my love for my new home. My husband and I moved to Burlington, VT on New Years day of this year. We had been living in Boston for 7 years and although we loved it, we were excited to try a new city. Vermont is also my home state so it was exciting to be closer to family and the green mountains I grew up with. Having only lived here a little over a month, we’re just getting into our routines – where our favorite sandwich is (for now it’s the BLT at August First), who makes the best latte (Maglianero’s with hazelnut paste is amazing), and what’s our go-to spot (it’s looking like Misery Loves Co.). It’s like we’re dating the city of Burlington, discovering her quirks and secrets. We’re discovering what we love about her (the food!) and what we’re not too thrilled about (can’t seem to find an unmetered parking spot downtown). And with every date, we’re falling in love more and more. I’m excited to share with you and Shinola, the reasons why I love Burlington, VT.



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Shinola: Q&A with Daniel Caudill


I had the amazing opportunity to connect with Shinola’s creative director Daniel Caudill after the event I co-hosted with the brand at Steven Alan in October. Along with many others, I’ve admired the incredible influence this brand has had on the Made in America movement. They’ve gone beyond just talking about the importance of bringing production back into our country, they’ve managed to set up successful manufacturing in Detroit, a city rich in manufacturing history but has been neglected over recent years. I was excited to chat with Daniel about why he personally felt Shinola was making a difference and what drew him to the brand and the city of Detroit.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.41.00 PM

Q. After 20 or so years in the industry, what attracted you to Shinola?

To me, Shinola is a completely modern brand that’s a small part of a growing movement. We believe consumers want to know how their product is made, where’s it’s built and who’s behind it. It’s exciting to be apart of a team of people who care about design, care about the product and the quality of it.

Q. And why was Shinola attracted to Detroit?

Detroit was a natural decision for us for many reasons including it’s strong manufacturing history and amazing creative talent. Where do you go to find people that are used to assembling product and small componentry, and who want to work? There is a lot happening here – art, culture, music, food and we are proud to be based in this city.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.40.31 PM

Q. As Creative Director, what are some of the challenges, and rewards, of making a USA made product that is durable, semi-affordable, and appealing?

To build our watch factory in Detroit was a leap of faith – watches are a complex product, and a hard one to set up and manufacture. It’s by sheer will that this exists and the fact that we’re doing this successfully, and the right way, is really proving that anything is possible. There are many layers to this brand, but in a way it’s all based on that. The process for everyone involved is exciting, and it keeps building.

Q. Shinola has partnered with Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean to celebrate Steven Alan’s 20 years of business. As a fellow in the industry, why do you personally feel it’s important to celebrate this industry icon?

Steven understands how people like to live and how people want to shop. He has created an authentic line of American cool, comfortable and classic clothing. The must-haves for every wardrobe.

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The Shinola Black Blizzard Chronograph

At the Steven Alan event I co-hosted with Shinola I got to experience Shinola’s new Black Blizzard Chronograph in person. The latest in Shinola’s growing watch collection, the Black Blizzard is the brand’s first titanium chronograph watch and will be available in a 42mm and 48mm case. The most challenging and technically demanding Detroit-built timepiece to date, the watch is driven by the Argonite 5050 high-accuracy quartz movement and features an iconic Shinola black dial, titanium sport turning topring, signature case back plate, 20ATM depth rating, and is accompanied by an additional black rubber strap. Like the rest of Shinola’s watches the Black Blizzard is assembled here in the USA, in their converted shoe polish factory in Detroit, using quartz movement kits from Ronda in Switzerland. Ronda is a family-owned leader in the watch movement and manufacturing industry. The Black Blizzard was inspired by the dust storms that plagued the Great Plains in the 1930s. This durable watch is an ode to the perseverance of America, and the people of this country that have stood against adversity. Each watch is accompanied by a leather-bound coffee table book on the desert storms with rare photos, newspaper clippings, and a brief history of the era. The watch will be released in November of this year.

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Teaser: Shinola’s Black Blizzard

As I mentioned earlier this week, Shinola, A Continuous Lean, and myself will be at Steven Alan this Saturday celebrating Steven Alan’s 20 years of business. We’ll also be taking a peek at Shinola’s Black Blizzard Chronograph, an item I’m particularly eager to see. The Black Blizzard is inspired by the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, and more importantly the homesteaders that weathered the storm. Shinola’s first titanium watch is a tribute to America’s spirit and resilience against trials and tribulations. Only fitting for a ambitious brand that has turned our eyes and ears back to one of America’s most enduring cities, Detroit. To wet your appetites, I’m posting the teaser video here. If you want to see it in person before its November release, don’t forget to come by Steven Alan at 172 Newbury Street this Saturday, October 18th, from 2-4pm.

Shinola Black Blizzard Teaser from Shinola on Vimeo.

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Shinola & ACL Salute Steven Alan





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